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International Trade Union Center for Development Cooperation

Non-Governmental Organization of the General Union of Labor, CISCOS promotes and implements programs for the improvement of living conditions in developing countries, in the context of volunteering and international cooperation, in particular by favoring the weakest social groups, such as women and children.

CISCOS projects move from experiences of help expressed by the world of work, supplemented by public and private resources.


Patrizia Conte

Patrizia Conte is President of CISCOS-UGL, a graduate in Literature and Philosophy and was Director of the Ministry of the Interior to the Immigration and Civil Liberties Department until 2012, and currently carries out her full-time activity in the field of “International Cooperation” to provide assistance and aid in the various realities of those countries where women and children are denied survival rights to the weakest social categories. It also carries out a qualified training / information activity against all discrimination and is a member of the following institutional bodies:


  • United Nations Organisation (ONU) member of the commission ECOSOC in New York
  • Member at ILO – Tripartite Commission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies
  • Ministry of the Environment, Italian Council of European Movement (Peaks)
  • Presidency Council of Ministers (European Territorial Cooperation Strategic Coordination Group)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Interministerial Committee for Human Rights (Cidu)
  • Ministry of Labor (National Equality Committee)
  • Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy-Croatia National Committee) Head of the “Gender Equality” Office of Ugl.
  • Member of CIR (Italian Council for Refugees)

Patrizia Conte is a signatory to international protocols with the government authorities of the Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Nigeria, Senegal, and Albania, where according to the protocols signed, female counselors have been opened against every discrimination to protect human rights.




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