The important meetings attended by Ciscos/UGL in Israel marked some previous project that need to be followed again.

The Assistant to the  Ambassador, Gianmarco Macchia acted as guarantor on behalf of the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv to promote all the initiatives that will be developed through Ciscos in Israel with local mayors and other governmental institutions Moreover,  Beit Italia submitted some projects to evaluate and study   for Chinese, Arab, Ethiopian and Israeli children. Projects that we will try to complete  together with with the Comites of Jerusalem  for a sport – social project together with the   young people of Ethiopian origin, Arab Israeli Palestinian Arabs, Israeli Jews and Armenians.Il Ciscos/Ugl lavora sempre nel segno dell’unione tra i popoli, a tal proposito abbiamo incontrato a Tel Aviv Avital Shapira responsabile del dipartimento relazioni internazionali del sindacato Israeliano Histadrut. The Ciscos /Ugl is with the unification of all the people, the people of the world. And with regards to the unity of all people, we met in Tel Aviv, Avital Shapira who is the head of the international relations department of Israeli union Histadrut.A meeting that started with comparing the labor contract and the security labor systems of the respective countries and the consideration of the trade unions international relationship. Furthermore, a meeting with the Pres. of the Chamber of Commerce Clelia Di Consiglio takes place for new collaboration projects  and to demonstrate all the details regarding our mission in Israel. A long meeting that allowed us to learned the conditions of the Italian community and the opportunities to meet our entrepreneurs especially those investors in technology sectors in which the Italian manufacturing capacity is perfectly complementary to Israeli industrial plants and capacity of innovation.While, the meeting at Beith Italia founded in 1958 and guided by the women of the ADEI associations is  focused on the young people of the neighborhood  introducing  social and educational activities  and  support for the socially – disadvantaged family .Moreover, inside a music school, facilities such as a martial arts gym, rooms as an art laboratory and art gallery and a computer room has been set up thanks to Ciscos/UGL for rendering us an interesting and good example of working voluntarily for the harmony and integration of the Christinan, Muslims and Hebrew’s of different ethnics.