Progetti Ciscos
The CISCOS also brought the UGL flags to Brazil, to Taubatè, in collaboration with the local Diocese and with great gratitude to the contributions of the Fossati Foundation, the East Rome Rotary Club, the Italo-Latin American Institute of Rome. In that town of the State of San Paolo,  where there  a large colony of Italian immigrants , a family home  with classrooms and laboratories is being finalized in construction and it’s  destined for professional training courses of children minor of age.

More on  Brazil, in July 2010 the “Inside Brasil” project was launched and  signed with the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro. The project is for  the opening  of social centers, training schools and the socially deprived, especially young ones that need to  be reintegrated in  the institution  through vocational&training courses by taking them  off  the road and off the  danger of drugs such as  Crack.